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Paralegal Primer 

Patent Formalities


This course, presented by a senior intellectual property paralegal with over two decades of experience in IP procedures, regulations and training, is directed to both the novice paralegal and the experienced paralegal.  The sessions are designed to provide a guide for the patent paralegal, in particular with regards to the more complex issues of patent procedures.

Attendees will gain an invaluable introduction to the patent process as well as an in depth understanding of the intricate workings of patent formalities.

The course is delivered in a clear and comprehensive fashion, and will be accompanied with an up-to-date and easy to follow online presentation which will prove to be a useful and reliable resource.

The course is presented in 7 online segment topics- one segment per week - allowing each attendee to participate in relevant subjects. Each segment topic will be offered twice in Fall 2021.

The material is designed to help you understand the procedures, not just follow them, and is focused on US, EP, IL and international (PCT) IP administration.

Encompassing just about everything you need to know - from filing to allowance, and beyond.

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Faculty: Donna J. Liss, MA
Ms. Liss is an experienced Intellectual Property Administrative Manager, in the field for over two decades. She has been responsible for all aspects of managing and processing administrative aspects of an IP Portfolio in Fortune 500 companies, small and medium size entities and private law firms; preparing and monitoring all IP documentation, on line correspondence, monitoring expenses, verifying and monitoring deadlines.  Ms. Liss brings to the course not only her years of experience in IP but her in depth knowledge and experience as a teacher.    In more than two decades she has developed the ability to instruct her students and impart difficult and complicated material in a simple and direct manner.


All Dates and Times are according to the following Time Zones

(Israel, Central Europe, UK and East Coast USA and Canada)

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Segment 1 | Overview of Paralegal Work and IP - Definition and Types  (1 hour)

Date: Tuesday 18 October 2022 

11:00 - 12.00 (IL) | 10:00-11:00 (CET) 

Segment 2 US | Procedure Overview and Detailed Explanation of Process and Terms

Part 1 | Conditions of patentability | USPTO – process overview |Types of applications | Filing, publication, exam | Final and Beyond | Allowance, issue, grant | Continued Examination | Appeal (2 hours)


Date: Sunday 23 October 2022

10:00 – 11.30 (IL)  

9:00- 10:30 (CET)  

Part 2 | IDS and Filing documents | (1.5 hours)


​Date Tuesday 25 October 2022

11:00 - 12.30 (IL)

10.00 - 11.30 (CET)

Costs and Segment Choice
Cost for complete course (7 Segments) €1900/NIS 6500 + VAT
This course is divided into 7 segments and you may register by individual segment if you prefer.
Cost per segment: €325/NIS 1150 + VAT
Register for 2 segments and GET one additional segment GRATIS 

Course Reviews

Practicing Paralegal

"The Course was definitely beneficial and filled  in the gaps in my knowledge of the patent procedures. It gave an in -depth understanding of the intricacies and workings of patent procedures and formalities.

Donna was great and her deep knowledge and experience in the field certainly came through very strongly . On the whole, a worthwhile

course- both practical and useful and to be recommended for attorneys, paralegals and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and knowing more about IP administration and patent formalities and procedures".

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