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We are the only company in Israel that is devoted solely to the Intellectual Property market. We know each and every person in the field in the country. This is what we do. That is why we succeed in finding you the right individual.

Strong Relationships are the Key to Our Success

IPR is in a unique to position to find your firm or company exactly who you are looking for in an IP professional. Devoted to the Israeli IP ecosystem, we know every IP professional in Israel. This is IPR's added value, making it light years ahead of any competition.  


Startups or small companies may have difficulty defining exactly what is required to best staff an IP position. It may be the first IP professional that your company employs. IPR has years of experience advising companies on the best IP personnel for every stage of the company’s development of its IP portfolio. 


We maintain a comprehensive, well-defined database through which we filter your specifications, resulting in the pairing of the most qualified candidates for your specific requirements.


We contact every potential candidate, thoroughly describing the position and the parameters that define it. We review the resumes with you, sharpening the focus of the search. We work closely with you throughout the entire selection and hiring process to ensure a successful placement.

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What They Say About Us


“Kim earns trust and instills confidence in clients and candidates, so you know that what she says is what you are getting, whether you are the client or candidate. ” Senior Partner, International IP Firm 


“By skillfully matching clients’ practical needs, goals, and personalities with candidates who complement the client organization, Kim ensures success for the process and the people.  Identifying relevant technical, practical, and business skills may be a science, and matching people and personalities is an art – and Kim successfully achieves both." IP Attorney successfully placed across international borders.

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