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Welcome to IPR

The gateway to Israel’s IP ecosystem. A boutique consultancy providing services to companies and IP professionals in executive recruitment, professional development and management consulting to IP practitioners, company IP professionals and departments.

For more than two and a half decades, IPR has been honored to be continuously connecting Israel’s IP professionals and industry and acting as its bridge to the global IP network.

Intellectual Property

The gateway to Israel's IP leaders and professionals 

Executive IP Recruitment

BPIP Conference

Connecting the World to Israel's IP Arena


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Strong Relationships are the Key to Our Success

“The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.” Robin S. Sharma

Since 1996, we have played a vital role in Israel’s IP arena, connecting managers to candidates, professionals to job opportunities, the community to professional development, firms to clients, clients to services.

We take enormous pride in every organization and individual we serve. 

Let's talk

Our strong relationships and connections in the Israeli IP ecosystem, with each decision-maker and each professional within it, makes IPR the one source you need when looking for candidates or job opportunities in the IP sphere, or just for getting to know 'who is who' in Israeli IP.

What They Say About Us


“Kim earns trust and instills confidence in clients and candidates, so you know that what she says is what you are getting, whether you are the client or candidate. ” Senior Partner, International IP Firm 


“By skillfully matching clients’ practical needs, goals, and personalities with candidates who complement the client organization, Kim ensures success for the process and the people.  Identifying relevant technical, practical, and business skills may be a science, and matching people and personalities is an art – and Kim successfully achieves both." IP Attorney successfully placed across international borders.

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