Bella's Story

My name is Bella Zaritsky. I live in Jerusalem, and I am a patent paralegal since 2010, when Kim helped me to find this position.


It was a turning point in my life. Before I made aliyah in 1991, I was involved in the IP area, but after aliyah for various reasons I was employed in an absolutely different sphere for 15 years. So, when (after a gap of 15 years) I decided to return back to Intellectual Property employment, I encountered a big problem, as neither employment consultants nor regular recruiting agencies could help me. They simply did not understand what I was looking for.  Then, when I almost gave up, my friends recommended me the IPR cite and Kimberly Lindy. She contacted me immediately after I placed my CV on the IPR cite, and helped me to: analyze my skills, find my niche and to become an experienced patent paralegal.


I think Kim is a strong leader who may provide you with candid, constructive feedback on your options and the ways to improve them.


Moshe's Story

Insight into human nature and understanding of IP work is essential when evaluating  both the candidate having a long list of impressive, formal credentials and also the candidate with none of such credentials.


A discerning eye is required for both types of candidates as not every credential reflects the abilities and character traits needed to succeed. Relevant abilities and character traits may not be reflected in formal or traditional credentials gained in the world of IP.


The latter situation was my case, yet Kim was willing to work with me based on her professional judgment that the skill set I had acquired in my other activities would make me an excellent patent attorney. 


Kim went far above the call of duty by spending  many hours  working on my 'case' with  no guarantee that she would succeed in placing me or be reimbursed for her time or effort.


After receiving my license,  Kim succeeded in getting a leading firm to give me a chance where I was indeed offered a job and have remained for several years to date as a patent attorney.