Patent Searching for the IP MANAGER


November 15 2015


Patents can be a unique source of scientific, technological, and competitive information since Prior Art is an integral part of writing, registering, and submitting a patent. Reviewing the patent portfolio owned by a key player in an industry gives insight into the business environment and also into the strategy and future business plans of that company.

Throughout the workshop, participants will learn the following:

  • Background on the importance and usefulness of patent searching

  • Basic and advanced patent searching techniques

  • Exploration of major online patent databases (including exercises)

  • How to use the results to meet specific business needs

  • Evaluation of a patent portfolio as compared to the competitors’

  • Competitors’ development activities and future plans

  • Identification of new market players, R & D trends, business opportunities, and parallel technologies

  • Discovery of patent infringements


    The importance and relevance of patent-based information to competitive analysis will be illustrated by example in the workshop using leading patent databases.


The workshop will take place in a lab where each of the participants will have a personal computer station for practice.


Participants will get free access to the Patbase database for one month.