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Minimizing Risks When Receiving Patent Warning Letters


Faculty: Gerson Panitch, Partner at Finnegan

Wednesday, June 9th 16:00-17:00 IDT | 15:00-16:00 CET | 14:00-15:00 GMT | 09:00-10:00 EST


The visibility that accompanies a successful company often results in warning letters accusing the company of patent infringement.  Whether they are sent by competitors or patent trolls, warning letters raise many questions from management:  Should we respond?  If so, what should we say?  Can what we say come back to hurt us?  How can we tell if the letter poses a serious risk?  Are we on the verge of getting sued?  Should we hire a lawyer?  How can we minimize the costs that flow from such letters?  How great is the exposure?   

If you have not already received patent warning letters and are in a successful company, it is inevitable that you will, and you need to be prepared.  In this seminar, veteran patent warrior Gerson Panitch will provide a framework to enable you to answer these questions and more.

An In-depth Look at the Strategic Use of Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) Patent Analysis and Associated Opinions


Faculty: Greg Kirsch, SGR, Smith Gambrell a=& Russell LLP

Wednesday, May 5th 16:00-17:00 IDT | 15:00-16:00 CET | 14:00-15:00 GMT | 09:00-10:00 EST


The webinar will focus on strategic use of freedom-to-operate (FTO) analysis and patent opinions (non-infringement, invalidity, etc.), to mitigate risk and potential exposure with respect to third-party patents.  Recent case law in the US has made this an even more relevant and evolving topic.  Companies traditionally have used analysis of third-party patents and associated patent opinions to assess their freedom-to-operate and guard against charges of willfulness (which can lead to enhanced damages, if a company is found to be liable for patent infringement). 


The case law in the United States swung away from such requirements 10+ years ago, but more recent case law has made this analysis more important than ever, in certain situations.  Learn when, why and how companies need to consider the study of third-party patents, to assess the likelihood of being liable for patent infringement, to guard themselves against charges of willful infringement, and to try to design around third-party patents when possible.

How to Plan and Assess an Investment - Friendly IP Strategy
Due Diligence Pitfalls


Faculty: Dr. Kfir Luzzatto, Patent Attorney

(President of The Luzzatto Group)
Ehud Laszlo, Attorney at Law

(Head of the Commercial Department, Luzzatto Law Firm)


Wednesday, April 7th 16:00-17:00 IDT | 15:00-16:00 CET | 14:00-15:00 GMT | 09:00-10:00 EST


Many companies seeking investment discover too late that while they may have filed patent applications on interesting inventions, they do not provide the comfort investors seek to obtain when considering an investment or an acquisition. At the other end, a company seeking to invest sometimes finds it hard to determine the actual value of the target company’s IP that was not planned for such a situation.

This webinar will provide tips and case studies that analyze common pitfalls in the due diligence process from both sides. Specific recommendations will be included for planning an investment-friendly IP strategy and improving the assessment of investment-unfriendly IP of target companies. Additional emphasis will be placed on the connection between an investment-oriented IP strategy and the resulting commercial agreements.

Copyrights and Trademarks in the Technological

and Digital World 


Faculty: Ms. Yael Riemer and Dr. Omri Rachum-Twaig,

FBC - Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co

Wednesday, March 10 | 16.00 – 17.00 IST

Topic description: True Courtroom Stories

The session will discuss practical tips for protecting your IP and avoiding litigation.

Copyrights – how to analyze copyright risks and avoid infringement claims, based on recent case law, focusing on copyright challenges in the modern times, including software copyright protection, "look and feel", as well as copyright infringement in the cyberspace and social media.

Trademarks –  the session will discuss the various aspects of trademark infringement on top of the "classic" infringement, such as domain names infringement and parallel import issues.

Amendment No. 5 to the Israeli Copyright – Israel's attempt to keep up with technology

The session will discuss the new provisions in the Israeli Copyright Law providing explicit court authority to issue IP blocking and content removal orders for copyright infringement, identifying anonymous infringers and providing indirect liability for linking to infringing content in certain circumstances.

These new provisions were seldom reviewed by courts but raise many questions both in terms of technological feasibility and international comity.