IP Management Software

IPR, through Patrafee AB, provides IP docketing software.


We noticed that competing software was bloated and expensive.


Patrawin is fit, fast, and always evolving. It is a complete software solution for managing one or multiple IP portfolios.

It comes in two versions, Professional for law firms, and Enterprise for IPR holders and IP departments.


Here are ten reasons to use to switch:


  • It makes organisation easy.

  • Advanced automation cuts your workload in half. 

  • The powerful document manager stores text files, spreadsheets, drawings, emails, and scans. Drag and drop or scan files directly into the system. 

  • Visualisation makes your information more meaningful. 

  • It works seamlessly with third-party apps: Word, Excel, Outlook, Acrobat, epoline, your in-house accounts system, and several other applications, in smooth two-way communication. 

  • IPR Control, an integrated web interface, lets you administer your portfolio in almost any browser. 

  • Installation is effortless. 

  • A fully integrated time and accounts module in Patrawin Professional makes it easy to sort and track expenses, manage invoicing and time reporting, view financial history, and export details to external accounts systems. It’s also fully integrated with IP Forecaster for detailed IP budgeting.

  • It’s the overall cheapest IP management software we’ve seen. 


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