IP Eclipse




In June 2014 IPR and IP Pragmatics (IPP) an IP consulting and services company headquartered in London formed a partnership with the Tel Aviv, Israel based company, App4Reg to market App4Reg’s Intellectual Property software services. This new venture trades under the name IP Eclipse.


App4Reg is a company focused on providing automated solutions for patent and trademark holders and practitioners, including data mining and data analysis. 


In addition to bespoke projects, the partnership offers the following services to prospective clients globally, including:


  • Eclipse Connect – Patent and Trademark Verification Software – this service extracts patent and trademark data directly from various Patent and Trademark Offices (PTO’s) and Trade Mark Registries. The service is typically delivered via an API configured to each client’s needs.   An optional assurance module is also available that can compare the public record with what is held in the client’s local database.


  • Eclipse IDS - Integrated IDS (Information Disclosure Statement) Management is a software tool for automatically submitting and checking IDS’ before the USPTO.


  • Eclipse PCT Suite – A tool aimed at attorney firms that allows for accurate PCT information for the national phase of a patent application.


To schedule a demo of the software or for more information please contact kim@ipresources.co.il

Providing Automated Solutions