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Master Classes are intensive seminars that give participants time to delve into specific subjects in as much detail as time permits. Faculty instructors are proven experts in the field with over dozens of years of experience.

The following are options for the MASTER CLASSES.

Master Class 1: 

From Prior Art to Strategic Analysis. From Invention Disclosure to Budget Management. How state of the art IP-tools improve your efficiency and quality.

This comprehensive master class will cover topics such as:

Inventions disclosures:

  * how to align them with your strategy

  * how to improve their quality

  * how to speed up your decision process

Portfolio management:

  * Follow you IP costs

  * Match your IP costs with business units, products, etc.

  * Challenge your filing strategy

Prior Art and FTO Search

  * what differences

  * get how to combine efficiency and quality


  * basic facts about analysis

 * common errors and misinterpretations

Faculty: Daniel Ovadya, Questel

Master Class 2: 

How USPTO Interpartes Review (“IPR”) trials try to kill medical device and life science patents and what you can do be proactive during US prosecution to strike back.

Faculty: Barry Schindler, Shareholder Greenberg Traurig


Master Class 4:

PTAB Patent Proceedings: Best Practices and Strategies


This Master Class is on best practices and strategies handling proceedings before the Patent Trial Appeal Board. In this class, Finnegan partners (including former PTAB judge Trenton Ward) will focus on the following key topics: inter partes review; post-grant review; best practices for patentees and petitioners; best practices for presenting prior art and proving a document is a printed publication; post-grant practice since the PTAB; up-to-the-minute regulatory updates; and tips for application preparation and prosecution with an eye toward the PTAB. 

Faculty:  Trenton Ward, former PTAB Judge, Elliot Cook,  

Darren Jiron, Partners Finnegan 

Master Class 5:

Tackling The Changing Patent Landscape in The U.S.-- A  Proactive Guide to Enforcement/Defensive Measures To Succeed

In this Master Class, you will hear strategies that have been successfully tested, including for one of the largest IP Finance Groups with Israeli leadership. This Master Class will take a comprehensive look at the current interplay between post-grant mechanisms, prosecution and litigation and review the latest best practices to reach your IP goals.  Learn about little-known offensive measures that a patent owner can deploy to offset the risk of an IPR or even revive your enforcement strategy in the face of an adverse IPR decision.  On the defensive side, review tips for employing IPRs and advancing arguments to improve your invalidity and non-infringement positions and wreak havoc with a plaintiff’s enforcement program. And, learn what strategic patent initiatives can be implemented to complement your overall end game. Applicable to all disciplines and industries.

Faculty: Mark CantorSangeeta ShahErin BowlesJohn Halan Partners Brooks Kushman 

Master Class 6:

Draft to Win! with the Strongest Possible Patent Application.  


This Master Class will update you on the current status & trends in patent drafting, and guide you through a simple, hands-on approach to start strong, applying the lessons learned from millions of successful and failed applications. Thanks to data, you can increase your chances to get faster stronger patents.  


Some of the other topics that will be discussed:

Growing importance of Patent Quality, drafting more effective and persuasive claim construction arguments, drafting tips from a former USPTO examiner, winning strategies in Patent Litigation.


Faculty: Brian Elias, Esq. (Director IP Product Planning, LexisNexis) and Dave Stitzel, Esq. (former USPTO Examiner and now IP Solutions Consultant, LexisNexis)

Tuesday March 13, 09.00 - 12.00