IP Annuities


We want to help you to LOWER your cost of patent renewals, trademark annuities and validations.


The payment of patent annuities is an important and necessary part of maintaining an intellectual property portfolio. It demands particular expertise and creates considerable work and added expense if carried out directly with national patent offices around the world. Many patent holders elect to use intermediaries to handle their patent renewals for which that are charged a service fee in addition to the respective official fees.


The cost of patent renewals can represent a significant part of the overall patent expenditure especially for Small Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, most of these organisations holding patents require dedicated service support and flexibility when it comes to deciding on patent renewals and the timing for initiating this process. Such flexibility is not always possible with existing annuity payment services.


IPR has teamed up with Swiss-based IPRIS (Intellectual Property Rights Integrated Services) to provide IL SME clients with a cost effective and flexible, ON LINE user friendly dedicated software customer orientated patent annuity payment service.


For larger clients IPR represents Patrafee.


To discuss your organisation´s patent or trademark renewal requirements please contact us kim@ipresources.co.il